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Spartan-6TM FPGA Breakout Board

Part number: FPGADEVS6-X1 shown in photo

Spartan 6 LX6 or LX9 FPGA in TQFP144 package

Serial configuration SPI PROM

User-programmable via USB uC with

mini-B USB Device port

A Host port for USB thumb drive

3”x3” board with 2 50-pin FPGA SE or Diff I/Os
Powered from the mini-B USB connector or ext +5V

Multiple outputs from the on-board power supply

External I/O voltage to match logic levels

OEM and development versions


Program serial configuration PROM via USB Thumb Drive

Standard FPGA and serial EEPROM programming via JTAG

Optional $49 USB cable supports iMPACT, ChipScope, EDK

User programmable FTDI 16 bit USB Flash uC w free C IDE

USB controller can be programmed as virtual USB COM port

Power for FPGA and uC sourced from USB or external +5V

Rapid product development, compatible with most development tools

Low cost OEM version available for dedicated applications

Customized board configurations available